Tripian Travel App: Escape the Tourist Traps and Travel Like a Local

“Feel like a local wherever you go.” This is the slogan for a new travel app called Tripian. The Tripian travel app was designed to offer travelers unique itineraries created by locals. I love this idea because it can be so easy to fall into tourist traps when you are visiting a new city! It can be even easier to miss out on the hidden local gems which is why local tips and advice is so valuable.

Escape the Tourist Trap

This app will allow you to experience new cities like a local based on your interests. Itineraries based on advice from local foodies, art lovers, cultural explorers, history buffs, and more are available. Each itinerary also includes the estimated time to complete it as well as who wrote the itinerary. You can also use the app to create your own itinerary based on the suggestions of locals.

Learn about the locals who are helping to share their love and pasion for their cities by creating unique guides on what to do and see.

Tripian Travel App

Now is the perfect time to try Tripian! Even if you're not planning on going to the two current destinations, as the app grows it will continue to add more cities and locations. By downloading the app now and using the promo code “itchyfeet” you will be able to get free itinerary downloads for life!

Unique Itineraries From Locals

There are currently two destinations to choose from, Toronto and Paris. The company plans to add a variety of new cities soon including:

  • Barcelona
  • Istanbul
  • Montreal
  • Tokyo
  • Berlin
  • Rome
  • Amsterdam
  • Hong Kong
  • Madrid

Once you choose a location you will be able to browse the available itineraries for the chosen city, like the one below.

Getting Started

The app is free to download and each itinerary costs $0.99. I have partnered with Tripian to offer my readers a special promo code that will give them free access to all of the itineraries. No more paper maps, guide books, or roaming charges! Getting started is simple, it just takes these three easy steps.

1. First, sign up at Tripian.

2. Next, use the promo-code “itchyfeet” upon purchase of any itinerary. As new cities become available, you will also have access to all of those itineraries for free, as long as you use the promo-code before the expiry date of May 31st 2017. Once you enter the promo code you will see the below:

3. Finally, after you sign-up in the website, and use the promo code, find the Tripian Travel App in the Apple Store. Once it's been downloaded, you can access the app on your phone. The Tripian app lets you download your custom trips directly to your smartphone, allowing you to navigate the city without Wifi or data. The app will also allow you to enter your own locations (such as your hotel or Airbnb) to ensure you always know where you are and where you're going. Great for people like me who easily get lost!

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